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hi beautiful human. my name is Molly Belt and I'm a 22 year old photographer currently based in central Indiana.

my ultimate goal is to be a music photographer & go on tour, but I also love to shoot portraits, fashion photography, and to carry a film camera everywhere I go.

some artists I have shot for are Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, 5 Seconds of Summer, Madison Beer, Conan Gray, UMI, Bella Thorne, Bazzi, Alessia Cara, Zac Brown Band, Maren Morris, Lauren Sanderson, Jon Bellion, Marc E. Bassy, Joan Jett, Styx, All Time Low, Neck Deep, Sam Hunt, Chase Atlantic, Gnash, Modsun, Cherry Pools, MAX & more.

I also shoot weddings & lifestyle photos (such as portraits, senior photos, mini sessions, ect). when I'm not taking photos, you'll usually find me editing or just taking photos of my daily life. for my whole life I've always enjoyed taking pictures & capturing the "little" moments, but in late 2016 started to realize it was something I wanted to pursue to a bigger scale. since getting my first "expensive" camera, I have learned so much more than i ever thought that I would about photography & myself and I can't wait to continue to grow even more. there is always room to learn, fail & grow. follow my journey on twitter/instagram @mollybelt :)

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my purpose

photography is much more to me than just just taking a picture, and I'm sure most photographers would agree. every photo I take has somewhat of a meaning behind it, even if its not planned. you will almost never experience the same moment twice. CAPTURE MOMENTS. lets say you feel a certain emotion.. you take a picture. when you look back in 5 or even 15 years, you will be able to experience the EXACT same feelings you felt the day you took it. I want to inspire people to be aware of their life more (even the "smaller" moments & TAKE MORE PICTURES. make memories. be spontaneous. create scrapbooks. step out of your comfort zone. make yourself uncomfortable. If I inspire even one person to pick up a camera & capture a special moment or just to simple follow their heart, then i have done something good. sounds cheesy but it's true. never stop growing and learning. that's what it's all about. 

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